About us

HAYEJIN is a Korean expression meaning “a heart as deep and beautiful as the sky”

HAYEJIN is a brand that infuses the essence of nature into the skin  with nature-derived botanical ingredients containing the pure, natural energy of the skies while creating an optimal skin balance through the harmony with nature’s energy

HAYEJIN cosmetics are filled with nature. Nature boasts of a vitality that thrives in any environment with an awe-inspiring essence that establishes a sense of natural order.

HAYEJIN creates nature-infused cosmetics with the belief that natural vitality contained within provides both protection and beauty through harmony and balance.

Created for European Women

The HAYEJIN Symbol

HAYEJIN offers the value of nature itself through pure ingredients, brightening the beautiful light of your essence.

The light of the skies that symbolizes the sun and life

A leaf that symbolizes the pureness of nature

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